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Fire Protection

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Flexible sprinkler drop
Easyflex’s new ultra performance flexible sprinkler drop features a 1 1/4" ID, which translates into less friction loss than 1" Schedule 40 pipe with the same number of 90s, Easyflex points out. This, in turn, helps expedite the process from design approval to completion of your project.
Flood eliminator
To limit the negative impact of a failed auxiliary drain, AGF created the model 5900FE FLOOD ELIMINATOR. The model 5900 allows condensate water to collect normally in a standard drum drip. Pressurized flow from a failed drum drip automatically trips the flood eliminator to cut off that flow and the resulting flood damage.



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Firestop sleeves
UL listed to protect against fire, water and smoke, HoldRite HydroFlame cast-in-place sleeves accommodate penetrants from 1/2" to 12", the widest range in the industry, the company notes. Options include models with a telescoping design of 7 1/2" to 11 3/4", or a safety cap that adjusts from 7 1/4" to 8".
Tub box kits
Available with 2" and 3" Metacaulk cast-in-place device, the RectorSeal tub box kits are designed to prevent the spread of fire from bathtub or jet-spa drains to the upper level. No concrete drilling is required. The maximum slab height with kit components is 10". For deeper slabs, Metacaulk CID extensions are available.



Fire protection bracket
Victaulic’s VicFlex style AB2 bracket now includes a new over/under center bracket that can be flipped around the center bar, making it easy to install from above or below, the company explains. The center bracket maintains vertical adjustability for installation with multiple ceiling types. In addition, pad-to-pad visual confirmation gives installers confidence the bracket is properly secured.
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Stainless fittings
Viega’s MegaPress stainless press fittings provide time savings for industrial fire protection installations, the company explains. Press connections make installation fast, while the threaded branch allows for easy attachment of sprinkler pendants, making pre-fab possible, Viega adds. All MegaPress stainless systems have UL and FM approvals and are perfectly suited for many corrosive environments.