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Saw blade
Qescorp’s Morse master cobalt hybrid 8% Cobalt 8" 10/14 bi-metal reciprocating saw blade performs a wide range of cutting applications and is tough enough to cut stainless steel, mild steel, PVC, ABS, schedule 40 black and galvanized pipe, copper, nail-imbedded wood and aluminum. Features a thickness of .050".
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Thread sealant
Blue Monster ZERO from Clean-Fit Products, a division of The Mill-Rose Co., is an industrial strength, eco-friendly PTFE-enriched pipe thread sealant with zero VOCS, zero PFOA and zero lead. ZERO with PTFE is an all-purpose non-seizing thread sealant that is extremely effective sealing all types of metal and plastic threads, carrying water, steam, natural gas, LP and more, the company notes.



2021 price list
NEOPERL’s 2021 Wholesale Price List (Catalog 12) is now available featuring new faucet attachment products to fulfill building maintenance and healthcare industry needs. Tabbed sections allow for easy search of products by stream types and flow rates, as well as specialty plumbing products. To request the new catalog, contact:
Condensate tank pumps
RectorSeal’s Aspen Pumps M4R series and RTP series of condensate tank pumps represents the HVAC industry’s most flexible, diverse and compact tank pump product lines for the North American unitary air-conditioning, furnace and dehumidifier condensate markets, RectorSeal states. The line offers tank pumps for most residential and commercial applications ranging from entry-level value to feature-rich premium models.