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Toilets & Urinals

American standard


Dual-flush toilet
The GROHE Essence right height, dual-flush elongated toilet has sleek German design and engineering, featuring DreamClean technology to ensure the bowl is thoroughly cleared and cleaned, while conserving water, GROHE explains. This WaterSense- toilet has a 1.28-gpm full flush and 1.0-gpm half flush.
Clog prevention toilet
American Standard’s Champion PRO chair-height elongated toilet is engineered to prevent clogs and features the industry’s largest 4" flush valve and extra-wide 2 3/8" glazed trapway, the manufacturer points out. Ideal for conserving water, it uses 20% less water than a regular toilet, and is WaterSense certified without sacrificing flushing performance, American Standard notes.


Niagara Conservation

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High tank and bowl design
Niagara’s Shadow line with Stealth Technology is the best solution for those wanting high design, performance and efficiency, the company notes. Offered in 0.8 and 1.28 gpf, the high design of the tank and bowl will upgrade the appearance of any bathroom, Niagara adds. Ideal for residential, multifamily residential and hospitality.
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One-piece toilet
DXV’s luxury Wyatt one-piece, elongated toilet is a low-flow, Water Sense-certified toilet with a seamless architectural design that is luxurious to the eye, yet easy to maintain, DXV states. This one-piece toilet features a PowerWash bowl-sanitizing system, along with the EverClean surface to ensure cleanliness and maximum comfort, the manufacturer adds.


Toto USA

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TOTO’s new Drake transitional WASHLET+ CS aesthetic yet functional design offers a gently flaring tank, supporting a generous lid and distinct lip, creating newfound shelving space for bathroom necessities, the company explains.
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New urinal
Sloan’s Designer Urinal is designed to provide a distinct visual edge to the commercial restroom without sacrificing performance, the company notes. With its compact size and sleek lines, the Designer Urinal can be paired with any Sloan flushometer because its fully skirted trapway provides a smooth look and easy-to-clean surface.


TOTO usa

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Electronic bidet seat
TOTO’s WASHLET C5 offers an elegant, clean-line design. Its easy-to-use remote control provides an illuminated touchpad. This electronic bidet seat uses pure, clean water – and myriad technological innovations – to make users cleaner and more refreshed than ever before, TOTO states. EWATER+ automatically cleans the wand inside and out, before and after each use.
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Every shape is a statement
Kohler’s Brazn toilet brings a new angle to minimalism, the manufacturer notes. Unadorned, yet refined, the Brazn collection proclaims every shape is a statement in simplicity and a departure from tradition, Kohler points out. Purposeful in every detail, the one-piece toilet integrates the tank and bowl into a seamless, easy-to-clean design.
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